Here you will find a selection of self-created and classic gin cocktails, of course exclusively with our premium gin products.

Tonic WOiF

Our award-winning premium organic gin with the flavors of juniper, cranberry, elderberry and other fine ingredients. Together with a dry or Mediterranean tonic you get a strong gin and tonic. Depending on your taste, garnish with other ingredients such as lemon slices or cucumber strips with black pepper and enjoy.

ATTENTION - once the WOiF has grabbed you, it won't let you go. The WOiF is NOT a cuddly toy!


The new taste experience! Waldviertel sloe, vanilla and a touch of ginger make the wild sloe gin soft and airy. In connection with a frizzante, tonic and soda on ice, the result is a refreshing and cheeky fruity summer gin cocktail. Our FRiZZFiNK simply inspires.

WARNING: Overindulgence can cause side effects and similarities to a finch - cheeky, fun, and nimble.


The NEPoLUXX with 20% vol., of course with 100% organic ingredients. A new and unique creation produced jointly by WoifGin and Destillerie Reif (NEPER) .

The refinement of the LuXX Premium Bio Gin with turmeric, ginger and selected ingredients creates an unmistakable taste experience, whether cold or hot. The cocktail that refreshes at any time!

NEPoLUXX punch

Enjoy the NEPoLUXX also as a punch. Heat the NEPoLUXX cocktail mixture with water in a ratio of 1:2 - the NEPoLUXX punch is ready.

WARNING: Despite healthy ingredients, the craving for more can always grow stronger.

HiASCH glow gin

The organic glow gin with 15.2% vol. is composed of directly pressed apple juice and wintry spices and combined with our organic premium gin.

The perfect alternative to punch & co. Heat the HiASCH with water in a ratio of 1:1 and you have a wintry glow gin.

ATTENTION: It doesn't stop with a glow gin!


The Bio HiASCH Shot with 15.2% vol. is composed of directly pressed apple juice and wintry spices and combined with our premium organic gin. The HiASCH is warmed up and served as a shot.

But note: Only one shot is rarely enough!

Basil Smash Shot

An extraordinary shot with fresh basil, lemon juice, simple syrup and our LuXX. Not only does it taste exceptionally good, it also makes you want more! Garnished with fresh basil - refreshing and a highlight for every party!