Story of WoifGin ... not too long ago when the following story happened.​

It all started a long time ago with the Peherstorfer family's so-called “right to severance pay”. That right was already used by grandfather J. Peherstorfer to produce brandies for his own use. This passion, or rather curiosity, has allowed the Peherstorfer family to produce fine spirits to this day. Markus and father Johann Peherstorfer further refined their grandfather's skills in their home town of Mistelbach near Großschönau and experimented for years in the parlor of their grandfather's farm. The results were good, but the special challenge was still missing.

In 2020, Hubert Krenn, a good friend and neighbor of Markus, asked why he didn't even want to do "something wrong". So, during a long night in the small town of Mistelbach in the Waldviertel, the idea of ​​producing a premium Waldviertel gin was born. After nights of experimenting with a distillery with a capacity of only two liters, the two actually managed to produce (as it later turned out) an excellent gin. They decided to make more of it and founded the WOiF brand through the Feldgarten company. Right from the start, the focus was on the special. That's why it had to be an unusual name, the taste of a London Dry Gin, and a consistent organic line. This effort was rewarded and confirmed in 2021 in the first year. The WOiF Gin received gold in "Das goldene Stamperl" and bronze in the Destillata and became the Lower Austrian state winner. Of course, that gave me a lot of motivation to continue in this direction. Unfortunately Hubert Krenn passed away unexpectedly in 2021. We have lost a wonderful friend and human being. Hubert will always remain in the heart of the Woif - THANK YOU for everything.

WoifGin Founder

Markus Peherstorfer
Hubert Krenn

Markus was in the middle of converting the old stables on his parents' farm into a tasting room, the Woifshöhle. Now, of course, Markus needed support. At that time, Jürgen Hofmann was already working in sales for the WoifGin through Feldgarten. So it came about that Jürgen Pricken also joined the Woif pack in mid-2021. After a successful opening ceremony in September 2021, things happened one after the other. WoifGin GmbH was founded at the beginning of December 2021 and there were two new gin varieties (LuXX and FiNK). Since then, Markus Peherstorfer has been increasingly responsible for production, Jürgen Hofmann for sales and Jürgen Pricken for marketing and management. Events were attended, marketing was promoted, the online shop was opened, events and tastings were held in the newly renovated Woifshöhle, new partnerships were formed and much more. In the first few months of 2022, a lot was done for which there was previously no time, and we have again prepared for something new. The WOiF Gin has been certified organic since February 2022, and the LuXX Gin since May 2022. All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation and are purchased from regional partner companies. Our FiNK is next in line.

When participating in "Das Goldene Stamperl", the WOiF 2022 won a silver medal and the LuXX a bronze medal. In addition, the WOiF was voted one of the 10 best Austrian gins by a 16-member Falstaff jury.

In mid-April the pack of woifs grew. Walter Cihal, whose childhood dream was to produce his own gin, joined WoifGin and took a stake in the company. Jürgen Hofmann also officially joined the GmbH and took a stake in the company. We are very happy about these partnerships and are excited to see what the four of us will experience and achieve in the future.

Since October 2022 there is also the HiASCH glow gin. In mid-2023, the NEPoLUXX was added to the range as a cocktail mix. Further products are planned. Stay tuned for new products from Woif.

Our Woifshöhle has also grown. We are now the proud owners of our own production facility and have a larger warehouse for our products. Sufficient supplies are therefore taken care of.

What is important to us wolves is the quality of our products, regionality and sustainability, but also having fun. We still have a lot to do and you will hear from us again and again.

At this point we would like to thank everyone who supports us, who believes in us and is always there to help and advise. Our projects would not be possible without the numerous visitors in the Woifshöhle at tastings, workshops and festivals as well as all the friends of gin far beyond the borders of the Waldviertel. WOiF, LuXX and FiNK are often closer than you think and will soon appear even more often, whether in regional organic shops, in selected restaurants and bars or at home. Therefore we say: A big thank you to all our customers and fans!

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Markus, Jurgen H., Jurgen P., Walter

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WoifGin shareholder

Markus Peherstorfer
Jurgen Hofmann
Walter Cihal
Jurgen Pricken