FiNK Premium Bio Sloe Gin

Product description

The new taste experience. Waldviertler sloe, vanilla and a touch of ginger make the wild sloe gin soft and airy. Cheeky, funny, fast - 30% vol.

When the FiNK flies towards you, it reminds you not to take life so seriously. It is the bird of prophecy, it is not for nothing that it was considered a weather bird in the Waldviertel. The FiNK is free and happy - it doesn't fly - it dances in the sky. The Waldviertler sloe gives the FiNK its extraordinary aroma. Only the first frost makes the wild fruits soft and sweet.

Our Fink is currently in the organic certification process and will also be available as an organic gin in the foreseeable future.


Juniper​, lemon peel​, elderberry, lingonberry​, blueberry, lemongrass, lemon balm, red pepper, cardamom, lavender, ginger-sloe brandy, organic strawberry red (color without taste), sugar organic crystal​, vanilla